Locum tenens + financial planning = future happiness

People usually become physicians out of a desire to help others or for a love of the science behind medicine. But when it comes time for retirement planning, investing or other financial planning physicians aren’t always the most prepared. With the potential for high pay and even higher student debt financial planning is an extremely important skill for any physician to learn. If you throw in the variables that come with working as a locum tenens physician financial planning can be even more important.

To help physicians learn more about financial planning we have partnered with The White Coat Investor, Dr. Jim Dahle. Dahle is a board certified emergency medicine physician who grew tired of being taken advantage of due to his lack of knowledge around financial planning. Years later he has learned a ton and has a lot of great advice for physicians and other high income earners.

The information on the site is aimed at all physicians but can be especially helpful for locum tenens physicians who, as independent contractors, have to set-up their own retirement plans and health insurance.

Check out White Coat Investors “Start Here” page to learn more.



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