ReachMD and Locumstory: Spotlight on Locum Tenens podcast series

Illustration ReachMD and Locumstory podcast

In partnership with ReachMD, Locumstory has created a podcast series called Spotlight on Locum Tenens. Each podcast episode features an interview with a different locum provider where they discuss how they got started with locum tenens, what they enjoy about it, advice they have, and what their overall experience has been like. Check out our three most recent video podcast episodes below.

What one couple learned traveling the world with locum tenens

Drs. Paul and Holly Llobet have been able to travel the world — and because they’ve done it working locum tenens, they get paid while doing it. They’ve worked locum tenens in Saipan, St. Thomas, St. Croix, and Guam, with an upcoming assignment in New Zealand. The Llobets have also picked up some domestic locums assignments between their international work, and because of the flexibility of locum tenens, they were able to go on some medical missions in between.

In this episode, they share the story of their time in Guam, where their assignment was unexpectedly extended due to the onset of the COVID pandemic. Despite this unexpected challenge, they were grateful to lend their expertise to other healthcare workers on the island, as well as Guam’s underserved indigenous community. They also share their experiences while on a medical mission to Mumbai. The Llobets’ time there was special, they said, because they could focus solely on caring for chronically underserved patients who are so appreciative of their care.

Unlocking the benefits of locum tenens, featuring Locumstory’s Physician Advisory Board

In this episode, veteran locum physicians Dr. Trevor Cabrera, Dr. Nicholas Kusnezov, Dr. Marye McCroskey, and Dr. Rip Patel share their locum tenens stories: how they discovered locum tenens, why they enjoy it, and what they’ve learned. Dr. Cabrera chose to work locum tenens full time right out of residency, whereas Dr. Kusnezov works locum tenens part time in conjunction with his full-time practice. Retirement was in the plan for Dr. McCroskey, but she wasn’t fully ready to hang up her white coat, so she chose to work locum tenens in semi-retirement — and loves it. And while Dr. Patel enjoys the flexibility of locum tenens, he continues to pick up locums assignments primarily to help out in underserved communities.  

A life of flexibility and variety with locum tenens

OB/GYN Dr. Derrick Barnes shares how his seven years of working locum tenens in tandem with his full-time job has given him the flexibility and work/life balance he’s always wanted out of a career. His children are homeschooled, and locum tenens has given him the flexibility to take time off to spend with his family and do some traveling. He also shares how he enjoys checking out different practice settings and locations, which he feels helps with burnout and supports career growth.

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