Living a life passionate about locums, travel and giving back

Dr. Tammy Allen is passionate about travel. And she’s passionate about being a locum tenens physician. Having worked locum tenens full time for 11 years – starting right out of residency – she’s found that it’s allowed her to explore the world the way she wants to, since she likes to...

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Once-in-a-lifetime experiences? Locums can show you the way

Did you know there’s an annual event when Mainers welcome spring by collecting the syrup from their maple trees? And that it’s known as “sugar shack”? Well, Dr. Ariel Alexandroni was able to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event they hold while on a locums assignment in Maine. “They...

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Locum Tenens Podcast With ACEP

Last year at the annual American College of Emergency Physicians show we had the chance to bring in two of our favorite locums doctors, Dr. Mandaar Gokhale and Dr. Rip Patel. Along with helping us out in our booth we also partnered with ACEP to have these two locums pros sit down with Dr...

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