Locums assignments come in all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, they're
tailored just for you.

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The #1 reason physicians choose locums is to supplement their income, since it's an easy way to pay off loans or save for the future.

Locums jobs pay more than permanent positions (between 33% and 50% on average). When choosing a locums agency, look for one that will negotiate the best compensation for you.

Locums jobs mean less paperwork and administrative hassles, giving you more time to focus on patient care. When choosing an agency, look for one that will handle assignment details like credentialing, licensing, malpractice, etc.

You can still build meaningful relationships with patients while working locums. Many doctors take recurring assignments at the same facility for years.

Taking a locums assignment can help you get licensing and credentialing done faster. The best agencies have relationships with state boards and can make the process easier for you. They'll even foot the bill for your license.

No matter how much you appreciate your locums rep, don't say "I love you." It can make things awkward.

See how locums benefits your career.

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