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pay range

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Data provided by locum tenens agencies. Data is general in nature and for reference only. Pay, schedules, and assignment lengths can vary by region and facility.

Can you really build a solid income with flexible assignments?

Locums assignments almost always pay more than permanent positions. If you’re looking for numbers, the rate is trending at 33–50 percent more per hour. Overtime and on-call time can be part of your contract for added earnings.

Increased compensation can mean many things, including the freedom to pay off debt and retire earlier. Also, when you work as a locum tenens provider for a reputable agency, typically you’re working as an independent contractor. That comes with multiple tax advantages, increased income, malpractice insurance coverage, and paid travel and housing costs.

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How well can locums help balance your life?

Let’s address the 8,000 lb. gorilla in the exam room: work/life balance. As a healthcare professional, you’ve more than paid your dues financially and emotionally in medical school and during training. Then come the responsibilities of permanent positions — administrative duties, charting and billing, staff issues, and other bureaucracy.

Locums eliminates many of the elements that can lead to burnout, giving you more time to focus on patients, the rapid pace of medical change, and, yes, life outside the white coat or scrubs. And with its financial and lifestyle benefits, locums is becoming the primary career choice for more and more physicians.

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What’s it really like to work where, when, and how much you want?

More than 40,000 healthcare professionals work locum tenens in all 50 U.S. states and around the globe. And over 90 percent of U.S. healthcare facilities require the services of a locum tenens physician every year.

With all the opportunity out there, locums gives you more control over your career. If you prefer holding a full-time, permanent position, it turns weekends or working vacations into substantial income sources. At the same time, more and more healthcare professionals are seeing the benefits of making locums their career choice. And when you think about it, locums is just that, choice. Discover how to put more choice into your career.

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How well will locum tenens work for you?

Fact: locum tenens provides amazing career benefits. And with the way healthcare is evolving, it's not a question of if, but when, it will be a good fit for you. This simple test could help you make the call.

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How do you start your locums adventure?

For most healthcare professionals, locums starts by choosing a staffing agency. This tool helps you make a more informed choice, including understanding the benefits of using established agencies.

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