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A prologue to locum tenens

Translated from Latin, locum tenens means, “to hold the place of.” What it means to the doctors, NPs, and PAs who practice medicine this way, and the patients who count on them, is life changing.

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A brief history of a growing industry


Traveling doctors, often heroes on the frontier, find getting to patients can be as difficult as treating them.

A few revealing facts:

Some compelling, common themes

Locum tenens plays a critical role in the health of our communities. And whether you're a provider, a facility, or a patient, it'll likely play an even bigger role in your future. Why?

A growing patient-to-physician gap

There’s a shortage of doctors in America at the same time there’s a growing demand for them. Locum tenens physicians will continue to fill in where they’re needed most.

It keeps hospitals healthier

All types of facilities need locum tenens providers to relieve physician burnout, maintain patient satisfaction, and stay fully staffed during busy times, or while searching for a permanent doctor.

Hear what administrators say about these factors:

Physician turnover
Patient care
Filling staffing gaps

Unequal access to healthcare

Locum tenens helps more people see a provider and receive care, offsetting the physician shortage in underserved areas—especially rural communities, urban areas with health professional shortages (HPSAs), VA hospitals, and Indian Health Service facilities.

Healthcare is reforming

72% of healthcare facility managers surveyed* said they now are seeking locum tenens physicians. This is up from 47% in 2016 and up from 39% in 2012.

* Staff Care's 2021 Survey of Locum Tenens Physicians and Advanced Practitioners

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Become part of a growing, important healthcare industry

If you’ve made it this far, chances are locums could be part of your story. The following links have the people and resources to answer any questions and help you take the next step.

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