Dr. Nii Darko: How locum tenens changed my life

Dr Nii Darko and sons

As a child, Dr. Nii Darko wanted to make an impact — personally and professionally. Before becoming a trauma surgeon, Dr. Darko considered pursuing all the jobs kids typically dream of: lawyer, astronaut, doctor, professional athlete. Then he discovered that medicine was the perfect fit.

Dr. Darko took a permanent position as his first job out of training, but along the way he met other doctors who had taken a different track — humanitarian work, owning their own practices, and even some who were on TV. But then he found the perfect fit for his career trajectory: locum tenens.

Hear more about how Dr. Darko discovered locum tenens and how it’s changed his life.


Backdrop: 2012, finishing my fellowship in Miami and no decision bigger than where and how I was going to start working on my own. And there it was, the fork in the road, being employed versus something I had never heard of before, locum tenens. So, I decided to go the locums route, and I had a ton of questions then, I stumbled a bit, but eventually I was able to stand on my own, and I have been working locums over the past ten years.

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