Locum tenens is a great way to advance your career, and our blog is a great resource to follow along the way.

Finding work/life balance can prove elusive, but locums—and our blog—pave the way to do just that.

Read on for valuable content about how locums can supplement your income, or even become a full-time career.

Dr. Marye McCroskey International Locum Tenens Physician

Embracing international locum tenens as a late-career physician

Island life suits Dr. Marye Lois McCroskey. But she only found tropical climates best suited her later in life. She began her training to become a family medicine physician in Tennessee. And 25 years ago, she teamed up with a group of six other local physicians and opened a private...

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Locum tenens writer Dr. Wilner

How locum tenens allowed a writer at heart to realize his dreams

Locum tenens wasn’t as widely known in 1982, but neuro-hospitalist Dr. Andrew Wilner found himself working locums following a demanding residency program. During his time as a resident, he was forced to put his creative writing career on hold since he was essentially working seven days a...

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Locum tenens taxes

Locum tenens taxes: Preparation is key to taking the leap

As the old adage says: In this world, nothing is certain except for death and taxes. And since nine out of 10 workers in the U.S. are W-2 employees, not independent contractors, we don’t give too much thought to how the automatic deductions for Social Security, federal and state income...

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Debunking locum tenens myths

“It won’t pay the bills…I’ll be living out of hotels in the less-than-ideal parts of the city…I will have to be away from my family for a long...

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