Locum tenens is a great way to advance your career, and our blog is a great resource to follow along the way.

Finding work/life balance can prove elusive, but locums—and our blog—pave the way to do just that.

Read on for valuable content about how locums can supplement your income, or even become a full-time career.

Locums work/life balance

Taking full advantage of the freedom of locum tenens

Right out of residency, emergency medicine physician Dr. Ali Chaudhary took a position at one of the top surgical centers in the nation. Two years later, another opportunity presented itself: a physician he worked with said he’d decided to leave his permanent job and work locums full time...

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Debunking locum tenens myths

“It won’t pay the bills…I’ll be living out of hotels in the less-than-ideal parts of the city…I will have to be away from my family for a long time…I already have a full-time job.” These are the reasons I can’t work locums. We’re here to bust these myths, and make...

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The opportunity of a lifetime working international locum tenens

Feel like dipping your toes in the clear, aquamarine waters in the Caribbean? Want to experience all the outdoor adventures New Zealand has to offer, and enjoy these experiences with your family? Do you have the inclination to work with underserved populations in rural Australia? Or bring...

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