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Finding work/life balance can prove elusive, but locums—and our blog—pave the way to do just that.

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Locum tenens taxes

Locum tenens taxes: Preparation is key to taking the leap

As the old adage says: In this world, nothing is certain except for death and taxes. And since nine out of 10 workers in the U.S. are W-2 employees, not independent contractors, we don’t give too much thought to how the automatic deductions for Social Security, federal and state income...

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Locum tenens NP Michelle Rensel

A small-town girl embraces life as a locums NP

Nurse practitioner Michelle Rensel is not a travel novice. Having already worked travel assignments as an RN, she knew the lifestyle suited her, and when her husband was transitioning to what she calls a “migration career” in IT, they found themselves in Oregon. It was during this time...

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Physician burnout how locum tenens helps with work/life balance

Physician burnout: How locum tenens brought the balance back

The numbers are concerning: in a recent physician workload survey by, more than half of the physicians surveyed revealed they are considering leaving medicine because of physician burnout. This is staggering, considering that doctors dedicate an average of 10 years of their...

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Debunking locum tenens myths

“It won’t pay the bills…I’ll be living out of hotels in the less-than-ideal parts of the city…I will have to be away from my family for a long...

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