Locum tenens resources for nurse practitioners and physician assistants

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While many healthcare professionals only associate locum tenens with physicians, it’s a great option for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. These locum tenens resources for nurse practitioners and physician assistants is your go-to for all things locums: how it works, tips and tricks, and stories of other PAs and NPs who are working locum tenens.

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Locums introduction

Locum tenens 101: A beginner’s guide for NPs and PAs

Illustration - LT Beginner's guide for NPs and PAs

Learn how locum tenens works for NPs and PAs: where to begin, what questions to ask, and what to expect when you accept an assignment.

How to find your ideal recruiter and advocate

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When you’re ready to start working locum tenens, find a good recruiter who will help you have the perfect first locums experience.

Important considerations for a female locum tenens

A veteran locum offers her advice to women interested in locum tenens and things to consider as a female locum tenens.

Locum tenens: The importance of organization

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A veteran locum offers some valuable insight into how he stays organized as a locum tenens.

Locums advice

Locum tenens assignments: What to ask, what to avoid

Finding the ideal assignment match is a must. Here’s how one locum tenens chooses his assignments.

7 tips for overcoming your fears about working locum tenens

Illustration - 7 tips for overcoming locum tenens fears

Are you interested in locum tenens but are unsure where to begin? In this article, veteran locum tenens offer 7 tips to get you started.

Perspective: What I look for in a locum tenens recruiter

An experienced locum tenens offers insight into the qualities and characteristics he looks for when choosing a locum tenens recruiter.

Provider stories

A love affair with Tanzania and the locums life

Illustration - love affair with Tanzania and locums life

PA Cara Bosco is a self-described nomad. She works hard and plays hard. But a permanent position didn’t allow her to do both. Locum tenens allowed her to do just that.

Part-time locums with a full-time job: One PA’s experience

Illustration - part-time locums with a full-time job

Working locum tenens part time on the side is a good fit for PA Stacy Hicks. He’s built friendships, experienced new locations, and learned new techniques.

How one family shares the joys of living the locum tenens lifestyle

Illustration - living locums lifestyle as a family

The traveling lifestyle wasn’t a new concept for PA Mark Zreliak and his wife, Chelsey, a speech language pathologist. But they discovered locum tenens complemented their lives perfectly.

Locum tenens as a couple: The importance of alignment

Illustration - locum tenens PA and spouse

Can the traveling life work for the partner or a spouse of a locums? For locum tenens PA Jason Raehl and his wife Courtney, it’s worked very well.

Getting out of the cold: A locums freedom to follow the warmth

Illustration - cruise boat flexible schedule NP

Long, cold winters prompted nurse practitioner Renee Watson to try locum tenens. The flexible schedule allowed her to work where and when she wanted.

From Oregon to Brooklyn: A locum NP’s COVID-19 story

Illustration - PA working in hospital during COVID pandemic

Nurse practitioner Kelly Lueck shares her experience fighting COVID-19 in Brooklyn, New York, during the pandemic.

Work was killing her: How locums helped one PA reclaim her life

Illustration - PA suffering from burnout

PA Terry Rand decided the best way to reclaim her personal health while staying true to herself was through locum tenens.

Locum tenens a refreshing change for emergency room PA

Illustration - ER PA locum tenens

Locum tenens PA Ted Smith shares how working locum tenens at a location for a few weeks or months feels like a new beginning.

One PA’s passion for medicine and the pursuit of 14ers

PA Tony Martin was born to be a physician assistant — and an adventurer. With the help of locum tenens, he was able to fully enjoy doing both.

Small-town girl embraces life as a locums NP

Illustration - small-town girl works locum tenens

Nurse practitioner Michelle Rensel isn’t a travel novice. Having already worked travel assignments as an RN, she knew the lifestyle suited her.

Locumstory podcast

The Locumstory Podcast

Illustration - the Locumstory podcast

On The Locumstory Podcast, veteran locums talk all things locums: its benefits, tips and tricks, as well as advice on working locum tenens.

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